Last week, in the midst of very hot summer weather, two accidents caused by lightning hit the headlines: on Sunday, two women were struck by lightning on the French west coast island of Oléron while walking on the beach. The next day, on August 20, 2012, five persons including a four year kids were also wounded due to a lightning discharge while enjoying a amusement park in South West if France (visitors are swinging from tree to tree on well secured cables strung high up between trees). In this last case, the stainless steel wires in-between the trees acted as conductors and the visitors suffered step potential voltage.

These dramatic accidents are reminding us the unquestionable danger represented by this giant electrical phenomenon not only for the constructions but primarily for human beings. They underlines the need of well designed and installed external lightning protection systems, especially for outdoor activities which usually require Early Streamer Emission lightning rods installation.