Architects keep surprising us with extremely innovative projects: incredible building shapes, green living facades, renewable energy generation … astonishing concepts and engineering brain teasers !

Relying on traditional solutions on such iconic and futuristic concepts is not an option: architects would legitimately be horrified to see its completed project embeds into a meshed cage made of multiple down conductors.

Still, besides their designs, these new buildings are also full of advanced technologies, extremely sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances: IT, automation… are highly vulnerable to lightning discharges generating surges, electrical arcing and structural damages.

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning conductors commonly offer a solution for such structures: thanks to limited number of rods, conductos and earth pits, ESE systems are easier to integrate. Respectful of the design, they provide a reliable solution and are less costly .

INDELEC even proposes a specific copper version of its ESE air terminal best seller “Prevectron” for traditional architectural design such as this residential building in Russia : the Prevectron Heritage version is perfectly integrated by the roof contractor and it is hardly visible !