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Indelec Services is made of 6 regional 100%-owned subsidiaries located in Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, Rennes et Paris. Part of Indelec Group, each one is dedicated to provide you with safe and secure technical solutions.

Covering the French territory, Indelec Services network proposes a local answer for your lightning protection projects while offering a nationwide presence.

Logo Indelec Services - réseau d'agences en France de protection foudre et sécurité en hauteur
Risk assessment, installation & maintenance

Lightning protection systems

We achieve highest levels of performance and safety thanks to state-of-art engineering and installation by qualified in-house experts. Each stage of the project is supervised by skilled engineers and technicians following regularly audited and certified processes (ISO 9001, MASE, Qualifoudre, Qualifelec, Qualibat…).

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Indelec Services - Risk Assessment, lightning protection system installation and maintenance
Audit, Installation & maintenance

Electromobility solutions

Indelec Mobility offers a wide range of services to support your green-mobility transition plans: technical audit, charging stations installation, software setting, maintenance and supervision.

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Indelec Services - range of services to support your green-mobility transition plans and EV charging stations installation
Linéa & Delta Box

Work at Heights

INDELEC brands under Delta Box and Linea names advanced solutions dedicated to high-rise structures beaconing as well as fall protection systems. Our dedicated contracting teams are available all over France territory for installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

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Indelec Services - solutions for obstacle warning lights as well as fall protection systems.
Geology & Drilling

Deep earth grounding

For more than 65 years, INDELEC has built a unique expertise in Deep Earth Grounding drilling, with detailed geologic mapping of France territories.

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Indelec Services - Deep Earth Grounding drilling