According to the IEC 62-305 – 2 lightning protection standard, related to “Risk Management” is mentioning four “risk components”:

R1 : Risk of loss of human life

R2: Risk of loss of service to the public

R3: Risk of loss of cultural heritage

R4: Risk of loss of economic value

While engineers may consider in priority the risk of loss of human life, the loss of cultural heritage is also a must. Wars, fires, earthquakes… have caused the destruction of invaluable treasures. The emotion caused by Notre Dame of Paris Cathedral partial destruction by fire this summer is a recent example of the people attachment to these iconic buildings. Design and installation of a lightning protection system represent a very limited investment to preserve such buildings. Indelec carries a very unique expertise in France and worldwide to propose such protection with two priorities: provide the highest level of safety and preserve the aesthetics of the monument. Paris monuments, Angkor Vat in Cambodia, Red Fort in Delhi … we are proud of such glorious references.

Another example comes from Romania with the Black Church from Brasov: This over 600 years old impressive Gothic construction is the most iconic historical monument from this old Transylvanian town. The largest hall-church east of Vienna and one of the biggest medieval churches from this part of Europe. The dimensions of the Black Church are monumental, it’s 90 meters long, 25 to 37 meters wide, 65 meters tall, with a capacity of receiving up to 5,000 people and walls 21 meters high. Initially named Saint Mary’s Church after the patron saint of Brasov, the church was built starting with the 14th century on the location of an older and smaller religious edifice.

Indelec together with its exclusive partner in Romania ProEnerg are very proud to be the provider and installer of the advanced lightning protection solution for this national treasure. The installation remain extremely discrete while providing the monument with the most reliable protection solutions against direct lightning discharges.