Hoteliers since 1897, Kempinski has travelled the world in search of the most fascinating destinations without ever forgetting the finest traditions of its European heritage. With heritage hotels, luxury holiday resorts, business and spa hotels around the world, every Kempinski hotel is unique, designed for guests who value five-star holidays and luxury getaways.

Why is it crucial for such properties to be protected against lightning, using advanced technologies ?

Such properties are housing hundreds of staff, guests and visitors. Such crowds are taken into account in the “lightning risk assessment surveys” and usually conduct the designer to chose for the highest level of protection (level I).

Besides, a luxury 5 stars hotel includes high-tech equipment to provide the guests with the highest level of experience. The management can afford a thunderstorm to disrupt the service. Therefore the most reliable lightning protection system is required.

Lastly, such hotels are offering outdoor recreational areas with swimming pool, gardens etc… Such areas are to be safely protected as well to ensure the guests and staff a perfect and safe stay.

Indelec has developed a unique expertise worldwide protecting hundreds of hotels and resorts, from the complete island protection in the Maldives to high-rise buildings housing the world-leading hotel management chains. Our team is fully capable of guiding you for your projects.