A very large range of structures requires lightning protection system: residential, commercial, industrial building, administrations, worship places, road infrastructures, airport installations, public transportation networks… as well as civil or military ships, resorts, construction sites. This list is just non-ending. With approx 100 discharges to the ground every second in the world, lightning can strike everywhere, every type of structure.

Buildings concentrating a large amount of highly sensitive data and communication systems are highly sensitive: data centers for example are requiring a specific lightning protection design, up to the complete copper screening embedded in the walls of the data rooms. INDELEC is a specialized and certified lightning protection system designer and installer. Our technical partners in more than 70 countries are fully trained to these advanced solutions for such sensitive sites.

A recent example comes from Brazil: Indelec and its local partner have proposed and installed an integrated lightning protection solution to the Embassy of Peru in Brasilia. Embassies are vulnerable and benefits from solid investments from the States to ensure the security of the diplomatic team and data, including against lightning risks.

The design has been presented and approved by the technical committee of the Embassy, requiring several presentations and meetings.