IPCC recently documented the global warming effects though its latest report dated August 2021.

In the meantime, we have experienced extreme weather conditions in different regions of the world:

Storms and Floods in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy)
Hurricane and hail rains (Uruguay and North America)
Extreme heat wave in North-Western Africa (Mali, Mauritania, Algeria)
Tornados and heavy rains in Asia (China, Indonesia, Australia)

If most of the tropical countries are familiar with such extreme weather conditions, other countries are gradually impacted by increasing risks related to climate changes.

Lightning Risk is one of them and some countries are in need of preparation and protection for risk mitigation purposes.

Scientists alerted already in an article published in SCIENCE Magazine in 2014 that lightning strikes are predicted to increase 12+/-5% per degree Celsius of global warming and about 50% over this century.

The recent Shaheen cyclone impacting Northern Oman and Iran on 2nd and 3rd October 2021 is an interesting example of region affecting by increasing risk of lightning. This region is usually at limited risk of lightning compared to tropical regions. See map. Cyclones are usually circulating in southern regions but this time tropical cyclone strikes the Northern Coast of Oman and Southern Coast of Iran, impacting population and structures.

Despite the urgency, governing bodies are still to cooperate to fight global warning, each country having its own agenda. There is no choice than upgrading the safety measures, including the lightning protection system to face increasing frequency of thunderstorms. It also calls for a professional approach of lightning protection engineering and installation.

Such systems are not just a compilation of products installed by general contractor, it requires a complete process:

It starts by a detailed risk assessment process and a technical survey by well-trained engineers.
Then the installation must be conducted with proper care and precaution to guarantee the highest level of performances ie. very low resistance earthing terminations, high conductive conductors, advanced air terminals etc….
Lastly, Maintenance services for such systems is a must fir the protection to last with the same level of protection for the structure and its occupants.

LPS leading manufacturer, specialized since 1955, INDELEC provides a complete range of products and services that meet these requirements. It keeps on innovating to face these new challenges caused by extreme and violent weather phenomenon. The Prevectron 3 lightning rods are the more reliable and accredited systems in the world. The Connect range adds a unique feature: it provides users with real time overview of the system. Preparing for a violent climatic episode, ensuring the structure and its occupants are well protected, gathering information from the systems after a thunderstorm, assessing the requirements for maintenance / repairs … these tasks become much easier when most of the answers are just a click away.