Taking advantage of PT KPP directors visit to France, INDELEC celebrated the 20th anniversary of cooperation between our two companies.

The cooperation agreement was firstly economic. Thanks to the commitment of its partner in Jakarta, INDELEC successfully developed in Indonesia and the Early STreamer Emission lightning rods Prevectron3 are now protecting over the archipelago an impressive range of sites including high rise buildings, industrial estates, hotels & resorts, infrastructures….

Hard times, economically (2008 crisis) and human (Mr Rudi death) have even strengthen our relationship and open our cooperation to new areas:

PT KPP has  been for the last 5 years a key player for our lightning research project in Jatiluhur. This test camp would have never been in operation without the huge support provided locally by our partner.

Recently, we have also demonstrated that our corporations can combine their efforts for non-business purposes: in September, Fair Planet by Indelec supported KUARTA relief action towards the Palu earthquake refugees