The Summer Break holidays are ending in Europe and the operation are fully resuming after being conducted with limited staff for a few weeks. In fact, it never really stops and our partners keep actively promoting Indelec advanced lightning protection solutions worldwide. For example, our exclusive distributor in Slovenia was exhibiting the Prevectron3 Early Streamer Emission air terminal on a local Fair, despite the heat wave in the region.

Thanks to a network of more than 50 exclusive partners worldwide, in addition to its own subsidiaries, Indelec locally offers lightning protection solutions all year round. Our philosophy is to “act local” as much as possible, adapting our solutions to domestic technical and legal requirements as well as local products availability. This helps to maintain reasonable costs, importing only from France the added-value items manufactured by Indelec. This is today of prime importance : freight costs are sky-rocketing with the  Covid sanitary crisis.

The recently launched Prevectron Connect solution – IoT connected – also comes as a new response to the sanitary crisis which limits travels and on site visits : the lightning protection systems conditions is now available remotely on your device (smartphone, computer…), 24/24.