In the late 90’s, the end of the Cold War raised hopes of a peaceful world and demilitarization. Hopes were quickly vanished by numerous conflicts and thirty years later, we are witnessing impressive increase of Ministry of Defense budgets and expenses. +54% in Turkey, +37% in China, +24% in India in the last decade. Budgets are commonly believed to be dedicated to weapons, tanks or aircraft but they are actually covering a lot more: HR, operations, building construction and maintenance, power generation, R&D etc…

Among these 2,000 trillions USD spent yearly worldwide, no need to say that Lightning Protection equipment represents extremely limited expenses, statistically negligible. Still, thinking about it, isn’t it a priority to protect an ammunition warehouse from direct lightning discharge? Or aircraft stationed on a runway ? Or Intelligence HQ building full of ultra sensitive IT equipment? Or a Telecom network ? Lightning protection is far from the top priorities for MOD staff but it remains a “must” that can’t be forgotten.

As far as lightning rods are concerned, MOD operations require a) extreme reliability and b) limited maintenance. The rods are usually installed in highly restricted areas. The lesser maintenance technicians have to come on site, the better it is.

Cooperating with Defense engineers for decades, INDELEC comes out with the ultimate solution for their projects : the Prevectron3 Connect combines the Prevectron extreme and proven reliability to the IoT technology capabilities. Maintenance visits are limited (the lightning rod status is available remotely online) and scheduled in advance (detection of low battery for example). Indelec is obviously bound by non disclosure agreements and we do not disclose the names, locations or defense entities we are supplying our solutions. So we are extremely proud is having an opportunity today to underline an example of cooperation and partnership with this Product Approval Certificate remitted to Indelec and its Local Exclusive partner in the Sultanate of Oman.

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