3 years of research and development, technical and scientific partnerships in Brazil Indonesia, Italy or France, thousands of hours in the LiRi High Voltage Lab, more than 20 prototypes installed in Africa, Europe, America and Asia…

That’s what it took to introduce today the first IoT Connected Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod!

Its very simple installation does not require proprietary software download or connection to the local Internet network. As soon as it’s installed, the Prevectron3 Connect will automatically be available on www.indelec-connect.com website. Daily, the lightning rod communicates its status, signal quality and eventually the number of lightning discharges.

For more than 250 years, a Lightning Protection System is a “blind” equipment: following its installation by a contractor, the building owner/operator has no clue about the system conditions, maintenance requirements etc.. Prior to the thunderstorm season, the building is “considered” to be protected with no indicator of its effectiveness.

The Prevectron3 Connect revolutionizes lightning protection and will generate new processes. Supervision and maintenance become a reality, right now! Younger generations can’t just imagine a world with no internet or smartphones. In a few years, young engineers will also be amazed by older types of non-connected LPS, offering no guarantee that the system actually works.

Prevectron S60 Connect - Innovation Indelec