Indelec Group

Our expertise

Since 1955, INDELEC specialized teams of engineers and technicians have developed a unique expertise to modelize, design and install advanced solutions. We offer fully certified solutions to address every types of project.

Innovate and engineer the best products and services to protect people and structures against lightning.

Our projects

More than 200,000 Prevectron® ESE air terminals have been installed worldwide. Our safe lightning protection solutions are protecting a wide range of residential and commercial buildings, industrial sites, sport arenas, transport infrastructures, explosive and inflammable products storages, logistics platforms…

Iso 9001

Quality System Management

INDELEC management is convinced that the quality of its products and services is a key factor to maintain its customers satisfaction. Since 1999, a Quality Management System has been implemented and certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

This QMS is including the Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductors’ design and development and marketing.

INDELEC staffs are customer satisfaction driven, leading to the company continuous performances’ improvement.

Certification Bureau Veritas

Qualifoudre certificate

INDELEC was the first company to commit to the QUALIFOUDRE certification process proposed by the INERIS in 2005. In April 2005, INDELEC was naturally the first ever Qualifoudre certified company.

The Qualifoudre certification process deals with: the manufacture of lightning protection system components, Lightning engineering (including the Risk Assessment and Technical Survey), the installation of Lightning Protection Systems and the control & maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems.

The Qualifoudre certification process also includes the accreditation of engineers / technicians in these fields. In this framework, INDELEC relies on several instructors and experts for each process to address all types of requirements.

certification qualifoudre paratonnerres indelec
LiRi Lab Lightning engineering - Qualifoudre certification