Nestled in the city’s vibrant centre, St. Michael’s Church is a gem of European Gothic architecture. It has immense significance on local, regional, and national scales, and is recognised as a national landmark and an icon of Transylvania’s rich heritage. Its deep-rooted connections to royalty and pivotal historical figures highlight Cluj’s evolution over the centuries.

St. Michael’s Church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, embarked on an extensive restoration journey from 2016 to 2022. Beyond mere structural reinforcements and façade revivals, the project also encompassed the refurbishment of the interiors and modern enhancements. The project was made possible with financial support from the European Regional Development Funds, the Romanian Ministry for Development, Public Works and Administration, the Government of Hungary, Bethlen Gábor Fund Management, the State Secretariat for Cults, the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, the Treasured Cluj Association, and many private donors.

Restoration also encompasses the installation of the latest generation of advanced lightning protection system : the Prevectron3 Connect model. The newly restored iconic monument is now fully protected with an advanced technology monitoring the status of the protection 24/24 for a real time maintenance service.

It illustrates the capability of modern lightning rods such as Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rods to provide Heritage buildings with a reliable protection that fullfil architectural requirements to “hide” the lightning protcetion system and make it almost invisible for the visitors.  Covering such architectural jewels with a traditional “meshed cage” made of dozens of cables and rods is just not an option.

Indelec has acquired a very strong expertise in this specific field from the Angkor Vat temple in Cambodia or the Red Fort in Asia to the Teatro Amazonas in America, as well as numerous iconic buildings in France soon to be visited by millions of tourists during the Olympic Games in Paris : Sacré Coeur (Montmartre) , the Petit Palais or the Versailles Castle to mention only a few ones.