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For more than 3 years, R&D engineers have been working on the development of a new version of the Indelec flagship PREVECTRON 3® lightning rod. Researches were carried out with three priorities.

Maintain the unique Prevectron 3® high-tech advantages, that make the product so successful.

Launched in 2015, the PREVECTRON 3® has been the first ever Early Streamer Emission lightning rod tested and certified by two international certification organizations: Bureau Veritas and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Thanks to the specialized LIRI research center and scientific partnerships in several countries, INDELEC continues to conduct very stringent test campaigns to qualify its products. The PREVECTRON 3® is for example the first ESE air terminal successfully submitted to more than 200,000 A discharges in laboratory.

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Develop a permanent connection to the lightning rod thanks to the IoT technology

Using the widely available GSM/GPRS Quad-Band telecom networks, the Prevectron3® Connect lightning rod communicates its information to the user on a dedicated and secured web portal condition, lightning discharge, battery charge, network quality etc…

Multiple options are available to organize your dashboard and notifications through three subscription plans.

As a pure “Plug & Play” solution, the PREVECTRON 3® Connect simply and automatically logs on Internet as soon as it’s installed on site.

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Confirm the Prevectron 3® Connect reliability in compliance with latest international standards

Lightning air terminals are exposed to a very large range of events: extreme climatic conditions (temperatures, humidity…), high intensity electrical shocks up to several hundreds of thousands of Amperes, unpredictable lightning frequency…

Lightning Protection standards such as NF C 17 102, UNE 21 186 or NP4426 include detailed testing procedures that covers such extraordinary tough conditions. The PREVECTRON 3® Connect successfully passed these series of tests. Its integrated Lightning Counter was also tested according to the IEC 62 561 – 6 Edition 2 standard, confirming its full compliance to all relevant standards in the industry.

Moreover, the IoT connected system requires specific attention to work in severe electro-magnetic lightning conditions and meet the CE marking requirements.

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