Three months only after its launch in March 2021, the Prevectron3 Connect sales are brilliantly overpassing our most optimistic plans. Already installed in 15 countries worldwide, it seduced clients from different fields: industries, airports, logistics but also luxury residential estates…

The Prevectron3 Connect perfectly matches the clients’ expectations while proposing a unique technology:

  • Secure the site against direct lightning risks

It is built on the famous Prevectron3 Early Streamer Emission air terminal to ensure the highest level of protection reliability. It was the first ESE lightning rod to be certified by both Bureau Veritas in Europe and UL in the USA. It meets all standards requirements and resists to discharges exceeding 200kA.

  • Ease the lightning protection system maintenance

The Prevectron3 Connect is connected 24/24 thanks to its embarked IoT technology. The lightning rod communicates its information to the user on a dedicated and secured web portal : condition, lightning discharge, battery charge, network quality etc…

Periodic inspection, maintenance operations are costly, requiring dedicated technicians, aerial work platforms etc… Forget about these costs, everything is just a click away and free.

  • Improve the quality of information

Besides its IoT technology, the Prevectron3 Connect also integrates a lightning discharge counter in the lightning rod itself. No more unaesthetic discharge counters along the façade, no more risk of counter being stolen or deteriorated. Besides, this innovation reinforces the information reliability with a lightning discharge counter compliant to the recent and very stringent IEC 62 561-6 ed.2 standard.