INDELEC employees are involved in several major CSR -Corporate Social Responsibiliy) projects, with the support of the management.

Fair Planet association has been founded and animated by Indelec employees since 2007. It collects funds that are dedicated to NGO’s to support projects for children education, access to water resources and health.
In 15 years, Fair Planet has collected more than 100,000€. It Fair planet has financed projects in Africa, Asia and America.

In 2022, we allocated funds to our long-term partner in Cambodia, the association Pour un Sourire d’Enfants, to support the construction of a new Center for Disabled Children in Phnom Penh.

We have purchased tables and chairs for a school in Kinshasa, DRC.

And also funded the construction of a Mother/Children Center in Nepal with the Manoj project.

Indelec Heaquarters also houses three honeycombs, with the support of our partner Beecity. This project aims at maintaining biodiversity in the region (the role of the bees is instrumental to biodiversity), to organize educational events on bees and honey … as well as to generate profits for Fair Planet association through the sales of honey!

Fair Planet is proudly supported by Indelec employees as a very practical opportunity to participate to a build a better world and reduce inequalities.