Electrical Vehicules Charging Stations

Since 2018, Indelec Mobility offers a complete range of services dedicated to electromobility : audit, installation, back-end solutions, maintenance and Charging Station supervision.

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Strategic Survey and Technical Audit

The preliminary Strategic Survey is a key step to detail the client green-mobility transition plans. Then the Technical Audit is required to assess the existing power supply system and determine the EV charging stations specifications and locations.

With dedicated e-mobility consultants, Indelec Mobility supports the client formalizing his electromobility strategy. The survey shall assess the existing mobility schemes (carbon print, Total Cost of Ownership calculation, subvention schemes…). The survey then recommends the e-mobility strategies to be implemented.

The Technical Audit then proposes the installation of charging infrastructures: it reviews the existing power supply network and wiring, the required works as well as the EV charging stations installation compliance.

Indelec Mobility engineers are fully trained and experienced to conduct these audits and plan the charging stations utilization (users access, load balancing, payment schemes, remote supervision etc…)

Indelec Mobility - green-mobility transition plans

EV Charging Stations Installation

With a complete coverage of the French territory, we mobilize our specialized teams to install the Electrical Vehicles Charging Stations.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified to offer a complete range of services, from design to on-site installation, in full compliance with existing standards and regulations.

Each step is scheduled with the client to minimize users inconvenience :

  • Power supply wiring system according to UTE C 1572 guide.
  • Civil engineering
  • Stations concrete blocks foundations
  • Electrical Vehicules parking lots marking and panels fixing.
  • Commissioning
  • Charging station settings and supervision specifications
EV charging stations installation -Indelec Mobility

24/7 Hotline and Maintenance

Indelec Mobility is a Charge Point Operator (CPO) : it builds EV charging stations, install hardware, and ensure optimal ongoing EV charging operations.

We provide the charging network infrastructure, managing the backend technologies as well the connection between the chargers, to deliver reliable and consistent EV charging. In case of issue, a 24/7 hotline is available for instant problem-solving assistance.

EV charging stations maintenance - Indelec Mobility