How to assess the ground resistivity? What factors may affect this value? What are the requirement for earthing resistance and how to measure it? Earthing design should include interconnection of the various grounding termination or is that more advisable to keep them apart? Are there scientific methods to assess the number of electrodes or copper conductors to be buried to achieve the required resistance value?

These are the very usual questions encountered by INDELEC engineers during technical seminars or presentation to Consultants and Contractors. Earthing is a sensitive matter (must be “tailored made” for each site based on local ground specifications and constraints) and yet of prime importance since it will highly impact the global efficiency of the Lightning Protection System.

INDELEC is now proposing a specific technical seminar on this matter, with a comprehensive yet complete and detailed presentation of the various aspects of earthing termination design.

For further inquiries, please contact INDELEC or its local representative.