According to NF C17 102 standard related to “Lightning Protection – Protection of Structures and Open Areas against lightning using Early Streamer Emission air terminals – July 1995“the ESE air terminals must be submitted to an Assessment Procedure (Annex C – Normative). It allows to calculate for each air terminal its “advance triggering” value ?t that is then use for the calculation of the protection radius of the air terminal:


In addition, INDELEC is conducting other tests on its air terminals in order to ensure their perfect reliability and highest standard of safety for its Clients. Recently, two models of Prevectron® air terminals have been successfully tested in China at the Beijing Testing Center of Surge Protective Devices with massive 100kA impulse current (10/350µ wave form).

This confirms the test results obtained in two other independent laboratories in Czech Republic (EGU Laboratory – Praha – 1999) and India (CPRI – Bangalore – 2006) as well as the results obtained under real lightning conditions in Japan (Nadachi  – Peak current = 240 kA see

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