The newly released NF- EN 50164-6 standard related to “Lightning Protection Components (LPC) – Part 6: Requirements for lightning strike counters – April 2009“ strengthens the High Voltage testing requirements. It introduces a new 10/350µs 100kA waveform tests for the Lightning Event Counter. This highly destructive current waveform is representing the direct lightning current that flows down the air terminal and its conductor to the ground. The Lightning Event counter must therefore be able to endure without damage such a current while maintaining the highest level of reliability and sustainability.

Both INDELEC’s digital Lightning Event Counter and the Advanced Lightning Counter have been successfully tested in 10/350µs 100kA waveform in a French independent laboratory (test certificates available on request) in addition to the 8/20µs100kA already successfully conducted.

Furthermore, in accordance with its unique “in situ testing” policy, an Indonesian independent research Institute has tested successfully the Advanced Lightning Counter in real lightning conditions and issued a certificate (available on request).

For further inquiries, please contact INDELEC or its local representative.