Every year, an estimated 4 million babies die in the first four weeks of life (the neonatal period). Up to 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries. The Millenium Development Goal for child survival cannot be met without substantial reductions in neonatal mortality.

The Danang (Vietnam) Department of Pediatrics has made big reductions to neonatal mortality from 14% in 2004 to 8% in 2009 and is making significant improvements to the care and survival of critically-ill neonates. However, the neonatal mortality still amounts for more than 60% of under 5 mortality. The current Danang neonatal figures are only comparable to that of a neonatal unit from a developed country 30 years ago.

INDELEC is very proud of funding equipment for the future Danang Neonatal Intensive Care & High Dependancy Unit, supported by VinaCapital Foundation and the Danang Department of Health. This Unit will greatly enhance the life chances of the children of Danang by providing the environment and specialist equipment that will help critically-ill and new born babies to survive and it will enable dedicated medical staff to care better for their patients. It will also become a regional center of excellence and train a whole new generation of neonatal doctors and nurses.