Despite the global slow-down of 2009, the exhibition hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 100,000 business visitors from 40 countries came to look for new products and opportunities. 2010 will definitely be a year of growth and development ! For INDELEC, it was a great opportunity to showcase its most recently developed technologies like the Prevectron® S 6.60 T, the Advanced Flash Counter, or its new range of Surge Protection Devices and Earthing Solutions.

“Power is here, Future is now” was ELECRAMA campaign this year. The development of better, safer and cleaner Power Generating and T&D facilities is clearly the main focus for the next 2 years. With its new equipments ensuring greater protection and reliability, easier maintenance and monitoring, INDELEC is completely in line with this campaign and focus. Power plants, substations, transmission towers, buildings and other structures, can count on INDELEC to offer them today, the future of lightning protection, surge protection and earthing