Your integration

New working environment, new partners and new processes : there is a lot to discover when you join INDELEC. To help you discovering your new company and job, you shall join a complete integration procedure. After completion, you shall be able to handle your tasks in full autonomy.

Your integration shall depend on your profile, experience and your expectations. After a first month of on-the-job immersion, you shall be asked for a discovery report to get your feedbacks and eventually amend our processes.

Your career

You are the main actor of your career and INDELEC shall constantly stay available to support your projects. You benefit from an individual follow up with a yearly Performance Assessment Review with your Manager.

We are positively considering your wishes of evolution or training and encouraging internal mobility in-between the Group companies.

Your training

To keep your career progressing and to maintain INDELEC employees expertise, it is compulsory to adapt permanently to new technologies, new marketing trends etc…

Moreover, your safety is a priority for INDELEC.

Therefore, training courses for its employees represent a major investment for INDELEC Group.