Selander Bridge


Selander Bridge is a bridge in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that connects the north west of Dar es Salaam’s city center to the south eastern Oyster Bay neighborhood. The new edifice runs from the old Selander bridge and along the Indian Ocean beach front in the city. This project is financed by Tanzania and Korea EXIM BANK (South Korea) for Tanzania National Roads Agency “TANROADS” (Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications) and is expected to greatly reduce congestion along the overwhelmed independence-time Selander bridge.

The Contractor for the site is QS KOREA a major contractor in South Korea, the subcontractor is the Chinese state-owned company China Major Bridge Engineering Co Ltd.

QS Korea - client indelec

Site specifications

The 6.2km and 180-tonnage capacity bridge ferries 55,000 vehicles per day


The Selander Bridge project amounts to USD 112.8 million

The site reaches more than 70 meters high

Indelec Solution

Only structure in the bay, the risk of a lightning strike on the structure is important specially during the raining season.

Indelec provided a complete Risk Analysis Assessment and Technical Survey for this site.

In order to prevent damages on the structure and because the top of the 4 lower piles reach 40 meters height and is not accessible for maintenance, we installed our latest technology: PREVECTRON 3 S60 CONNECT allowing Tanroads to have a daily maintenance report on the installation.

Our expertise in Lightning protection allowed us to provide a detail design and equipment to protect the main pile of 70 meters height with a very old technology also known as ‘conventional’.

Indelec proposed advanced lightning protection systems for Selander Bridge bridge in Dar Es Salam - Tanzania