Dyckerhoff is an international producer of cement and ready-mixed concrete. It is a major German cement producer with 7 cement plants in Germany and approx. 110 ready-mixed concrete plants. Since 2006, it has been incorporated into Buzzi Unicem corporation.

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Site specifications

The Group operated plants in 14 countries worldwide with more than 10 000 employees

Suchoi Log is the largest facility worldwide in terms of oil well cements production volume

The two Russian sites have a total cement production capacity of 4.3 million tons

Indelec Solution

Such industrial site requires a heavy engineering process to assess the lightning risks, survey the site to define the number and location of the required lightning rods.

This survey has been drafted and prepared by Indelec Russian partner based in St Petersburg, with the support of Indelec specialized engineers.

large Cement Plant in Russia protected by Indelec