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Novasep is an international group with multiple R&D, engineering and manufacturing facilities all around the world. It employs more than 1250 persons, spread over 8 industrial sites based on 3 continents. Novasep delivers services for the life sciences industries.

The Eiffel site in Pompey was inaugurated in 2001. It used to be the original place where Gustave Eiffel manufactured the Tower structure.
The site is made of several separate buildings spreading over more than 5.5 hectares. It is Novasep’s center of excellence for chromatography.

Novasep - client Indelec

Site specifications

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Bio chemistry European leader, Novasep is considered as a strategic industrial activity by the French authorities.


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The Eiffel site covers more than 5 hectares, gathering several buildings including the ultra sensitive manufacturing process of chromatography equipment.

Site safety is a priority for Novasep Group, since the electromagnetic disturbances caused by lightning storms could impact the production and R&D processes./h5>

Indelec solution

This sensitive site requires both an extremely protective solution to prevent it from lightning disturbances and a large scale protection to encompass the complete site and structures.

INDELEC proposed and installed two type of protection :

Direct protection made of two units of Prevectron Connect air terminals mounted on 5m elevation poles. This advanced IoT connected air terminal allows the site maintenance team to follow 24/24 the lightning protection system condition.

Indirect protection made of Surge Protection Devices preventing the incoming networks – power, data, telecom … – from surge.

Novasep - protection contre la foudre d'un site de biochimie avec les paratonnerres Prevectron Connect d'Indelec