Lyon University


The « Palais Hirsch », by the name of its architect, was built at the end of the 19th century. Located along the Rhône River it required 10 years of construction work. During the 20th century, numerous renovation projects will be conducted, either to expand the buildings or repair the damages after WW2.
Today, it gathers 21 buildings, welcoming approximately 30 000 students including 5,000 foreign ones.

university lyon lumiere 2- Client - Indelec

Site specifications

21 neo-classic Heritage buildings to be protected against lightning risks and damages

Site gathers approx 30 000 students, more than 600 Professors and scientists in 34 laboratories.

The main building, the Palais Hirsch, is an iconic building in the heart of Lyon, along the Rhone bank.

Indelec solution

Since 2018, a large renovation project has been launched. It last for 4 years to fully refurnished 21 Heritage Buildings roof structures.
RG Consultant company was in charge of the Lightning Risk Analysis and the Technical Survey. INDELEC was then appointed to supply and install 6 advanced lightning protection systems.

This project was definitely extremely challenging for Indelec engineers and technicians: numerous requirements due to the buildings’ usage (welcoming a large number of persons), Heritage monument aesthetic specific expectations …

University Lyon 2 is protected by remote-testable advanced lightning protection systems Prevectron3

In order to ease the equipment maintenance and minimize site visits (requiring access to the roof), engineers have installed six units of Prevectron S60 T model. Besides its extended protection area, the Prevectron S60T model includes remote testing capabilities : the lighting rod status can be checked from the ground with a dedicated remote control.

Thanks to this technology, the lightning protection system is permanently under scrutiny and Indelec task force can be immediately mobilized.