Built in 1967, the Pediatric Unit of Thionville (east of France) was not meeting anymore health workers and patients requirements. It has been fully revamped. Lightning protection system installation has been awarded to Indelec. In February 2021, the advanced Prevectron Early Streamer Emission air terminal was installed, besides the heliport.

The 9500 sqm new hospital houses 41 doctors, 150 nurses and 57 midwives. They take care of 99 beds and 2100 deliveries per year.

Such sensitive medical equipment to thunderstorm electromagnetic disturbances require a highly performing and reliable lightning rod: the Prevectron3 benefits from INDELEC 65 years in the industry as well as its Lightning Innovation & Research Institute innovation programs.

The Prevectron3 is today the most installed Early Streamer Emission lightning rod in France.