Indelec has been protecting the Acropolis site in Athens, Greece for more than twenty years and had the opportunity to install in 2014, four units of its flagship model the Prevectron 2 S6 .60T on the site for optimum protection.

On Wednesday, April 17, following a violent stormy episode, the site of the Acropolis was impacted.

The management of INDELEC immediately contacted the Head of the Technical Office & Electromechanical Support Team – Acropolis Restoration Service / Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports who confirmed that the four lightning ESE air terminals operated properly and captured the impact, avoiding direct impacts on people or monuments.

Four people were injured by shards of glass due to the bursting of glass caused by the shock of the impact. All fours persons are safe and doing fine.

INDELEC is cooperating closely with the Greek services and Ministry to maintain the highest possible safety for employees and tourists.