Our clients often ask this question: what is the life time of an Early Streamer Emission lightning rod PREVECTRON®? This is a truly relevant question to raise prior to invest into a safety equipment for a building and its occupants. Were the protection last only a few months, the investment would be unbearable. If it lasts for a decade or so, the investment becomes painless. If the system is still active after two decades, the return on investment is impressive.

All the PREVECTRON® are designed for a 25 years minimum life time. Still, it is complex to actually confirm such duration since many conditions shall be factored in: environmental conditions, climate, extreme temperature variations, lightning density, installation specifications (number and type of down conductors, earthing termination design and resistance…).

Thanks to more than 130 000 installations worldwide, INDELEC benefits from an unequaled experience, in all sort of locations and conditions. This allows the manufacturer to confirm that its advanced lightning protection air terminals remain active and reliable on long term with proper maintenance. This example from Egypt illustrates the PREVECTRON® longevity: the sensitive oil storage site has been protected by INDELEC systems since 1998. All the air terminals are in perfect working conditions after 22 years on site, thanks to professional engineering and installation services as well as a proper maintenance scheme.