The Prevectron® 3 Lightning Protection Solution matches Green Building designers and developers requirements :

a- From its initial stages, the PREVECTRON 3® Lightning Protection design has taken into account sustainability concerns: solely manufactured by INDELEC in France with more than 85% of its components sourced within 100 km, 10% weight reduction on average, 100% recyclable through value extraction channels, extended guarantee and a innovative modular design….

b- Eco-friendly design certified by an independent certification organization (AFNOR Certification).

c- ESE lightning protection system drastically limits the use of non renewable resources (copper) : 217kg of copper conductors are required for a Level II Meshed Cage on a 40m x 20m x 10m building vs 22kg for an ESE lightning protection system on the same building (source : Pr. Jaouad ZEMMOURI – PhLAM – Université de Science et Technologie Lille).