Lightning is a violent weather phenomenon that tends to increase, both in number and intensity, with the global warming. It remains unstoppable but advanced lightning protection systems have been developed to protect both against direct lightning discharges (lightning conductors) and indirect discharges (surge protection devices SPD).

Each building can be struck, from the tiniest individual house to the largest infrastructures or industrial estates. Still, some specific structures require specific care: schools. These are welcome the future generation, for their education. Each school proposes indoor activities as well as outdoor (sport courts…). Therefore the “structure” should be considered as a wide area including buildings and outdoor areas. No risk for our children, inside or outside.

Thanks to the investment of the Ministry of Education and the dedication of Indelec’s local exclusive partner, hundreds of schools are now safe from lightning in Oman. Thousands of kids and teachers are perfectly safe thanks to a reliable lightning protection system. Pictures showing the latest schools equipped: Shinas School as well as Oman LNG School.