Following several years of R&D (including the new patented OptiMax® technology), the PREVECTRON®3 Early Streamer Emission lightning rod is available since September 2015. This new version is extremely successful worldwide!

INDELEC is now reinforcing its range with a brand-new remote testing module. This users’ highly appreciated feature can test the lightning air terminal condition remotely (more than 100m).

The LIRI engineers have developed this new Module focusing on the users’ convenience. Besides its new stylish design, the Remote Testing Module features three major innovations:

  • Modularity: the Module can be fixed on each and every PREVECTRON®3 models. Client can order the complete set (lightning rod + testing module) or the Module itself to be fixed on site on an existing PREVECTRON®3 lightning protection installation.
  • Unique technical specifications: high efficiency glass solar panel, high performance batteries, remote control with a high quality large LCD screen…
  • Lightning counter capability: the TC version is including lightning discharge counter feature.

Please download the brochure here and contact your local INDELEC distributor for more information.