Lightning hits the ground approximately 100 times per second. The intensity of a lightning strike reaches on average 30,000A. This huge amount of current is flowing down from the cumulonimbus to the ground in several successive “return strokes”. Each country or region is more or less exposed to lightning, depending on its localization. Numerous countries releases compulsory requirements for lightning protection systems: in France for example, high rise buildings, buildings receving public attendance or industrial sites must be protected against lightning.

That was not the case of this statue in Maracanaú city, Brazil. Luckily, no one injured but the damages are impressive as per this report.

This example illustrates the requirement for continuous information and training of engineers and design firms: the lightning protection system integration from the initial design stages leads to lower installation costs. The system can be easily integrated with a special care for aesthetics. Use of Early Streamer Emission lightning rods is well adapted for such projects.