INDELEC technical showroom, the LIRI (Lightning Innovation & Research Institute) hosted more than 30 visits in 2019, including business partners, researchers, scientists and end-users… Besides its lightning phenomenon and direct lightning protection Research & Development role, the LIRI has a key role in training a larger public: the lightning build-up sequences, standards and regulations, installation guidelines, Early Streamer Emission High Voltage Lab test demonstrations, future evolutions of the protection systems… The scope of the training sessions conducted at LIRI is extremely large, lasting from a couple of hours to a few days. It is akey player in sharing a better knowledge about lightning and installation good practices.

For its last 2019 session, the LIRI proudly welcomes our Egypt clients. They are facing extremely sensitive lightning issues on Oil & Gas production and storage sites. Egypt has unfortunately already faced severe major incidents on such sites. The installation and maintenance of reliable advanced lightning protection solutions is a must there.