“Highly sensitive” installations is recovering a large variety of sites: sensitive for the State security (Defence, DOD, Police…), sensitive for the surrounding populations (nuclear power plants, Environment-sensitive Industries, sensitive for the users (airport, public transport, large public attendance buildings, hospitals …).

For each application, the lightning protection system reliability is the quintessential: installation easiness, large lightning currents withstanding capabilities, safe conduction of lightning currents to the grounding system, recording of lightning events, maintenance process… are the key points for those sites. LPS installation is often compulsory, by law of local Codes for such highly sensitive sites.

INDELEC benefits from a long experience on such applications. Our clients trust Indelec solutions for more than 60 years for lightning protection of their sensitive sites based on:

Our team remains fully available to propose the most convenient solutions based on your specific requirements such as this Policia Rodoviaria Federal operation in Brazil.