Lightning protection system design requires highly technical skills: site requirements, risk assessment, technical survey, installation services, maintenance… Each steps is based on specific processes and tools.

Since 1955, INDELEC specialized in innovative lightning protection design and installation. It developed a renowned expertise worldwide. Identification and training of our business partners in more than 80 countries worldwide are based on the same technical skills requirements.

The initial training, dealing with the lightning phenomenology and technologies, is delivered by the Lightning Innovation and Research Institute LIRI.

Practical training is based on our experienced teams of engineers and technical experts in France: Engineering, installation and maintenance services on site.

In 2018, INDELEC signed a distribution agreement with a new partner in Irak. We had the pleasure to welcome its representative in Douai France for a complete training session. We are now very proud of celebrating our first project in Irak, just a few months later: INDELEC Lightning protection systems have been awarded for the protection of seven drilling sites in Basra – Irak.