Fair Planet is dedicated to promote different projects aimed at expanding access to education, health and food in emerging countries.
Since July 2007, one Euro is collected from Indelec client for each Prevectron. INDELEC Group is adding one Euro per Prevetron air terminal sold: Each air terminal is therefore generating two Euros revenue for the association.
Thanks to the sales of several thousands of Prevectron lightning conductors yearly, Fair Planet budget has a significant budget available to fund projects.


In 2004 and 2005, Indelec employees expressed their solidarity to populations facing civil war atrocities (Ivory Coast) and natural disaster (the South East Asia tsunami). They managed to gathered significant amount of donations to fund projects in Abidjan (school fees for orphans in Abidjan, reconstruction projects in Sri Lanka). Fair Planet has then grown on these grounds.

In 2007, Fair Planet funded its first project, in Bangalore, Indiain cooperation with the Association for People with Disability APD. The Horticultural center of APD is welcoming disable persons to train them so that they can find a job. Fair Planet funds were dedicated to the building of a new greenhouse, a new well and renovation of the access paths.
In 2009, funds were allocated to “Elevage sans Frontières”, a French NGO that subsidizes several farms in Senegal (Western Africa). In 2010 – 2011, the association supported two projects in Vietnam:

  • purchase of medical instrument for the Danang Neo Natal Hospital, to reduce the child mortality rate in the center of Vietnam.
  • subsidize of scholarships for two students benefiting from Passerelles Numériques program. Thanks to Fair Planet support, the two students schooling fees and expenses were fully covered.

In 2012, Fair Planet board decided to fund another African project in Togo. Graine de Developpement is a French NGO building an orphanage in Kambolé.
Installation of three beehives in 2013-2014 was financed by Fair Planet in order to grow the awareness about biodiversity issues in Europe, as well as another alternative source of funds (honey revenues).
For Christmas, in December 2014, a used toy drive was organized by the association, to be sent to the Togo orphanage children.
Since 2007, Fair Planet by Indelec association has funded projects for a total amount of more than 80,000€ on three continents.