INDELEC is the sole Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod manufacturer conducting for more than two decades real lightning conditions test campaigns.

Such campaigns are conducted either using :

  • the “lightning rocket” technology (a rocket connected to the ground by a thin copper cable is launched to the clouds during a thunderstorm event, triggering lightning discharges)
  • or “static tests” made of lighting rods positioned on a high lightning prone area with recording equipment.

This first campaign took place in 1993, 25 years ago, in Camp Blanding – Florida – USA. This was a “lightning rocket” site. A second site was tested in centre of France in 1996. In the late 90’s, INDELEC conducted two campaigns simultaneously: a “lightning triggered rocket” site in Cachoeira Pauliste – Brazil and a “static” test site in Nadachi – Japan. Both campaigns allowed scientists to gather huge amount of data, measurements, pictures and video footage. These campaigns definitely confirmed the reliability and efficiency of the early streamer emission rods.

More recently, INDELEC built up a completely new test facility in Indonesia. This very ambitious testing platform is operated in cooperation with  the Institute of Technology of Bandung (ITB).

We are also very proud to announce that a second test site is now operated in Rutsiro district – Rwanda. This is a “static testing” site, fully instrumented. This site is the first ever lightning testing site in Africa! We are looking forward to gather new data to support the research and understanding of the lightning phenomenon in Central Africa.