Theodora Golf Club course spreads on 56 ha with 18 courses, total length of 6518 m in Alba Iulia, Romania. It includes as well indoor simulator, putting green areas, chipping area, sand bunkers and a covered driving range available throughout the year.

Besides, its offers high end hotel services, with a Club House and villas designed for the optimal and actual comfort of each guest. Both the Golf Course and its accommodations are ranking among the best place to stay in Romania.

On such site, design and installation of a lightning protection system is a must; it provides safety to the structures, the employees and the guests, as well as ensuring the continuity of service.

These safety requirements may not meet the architects agreement: the lightning protection system may affect the building aesthetics. INDELEC is used to meet such requirements. Each project is integrating such aesthetic concerns , especially on iconic sites, by using an Early Streamer Emission lightning protection system: limitation of the number of down conductors on the facades, extended protection to adjacent buildings (no additional masts, wires etc…), a single pole on the roof rather than multiple rods.

Thanks to our experience and ability to design reliable and customized solutions on such sites, Indelec is the privileged partner of prestigious buildings and sites in more than 80 countries worldwide.