HV Lab

The Lightning Innovation and Research Institute LiRi operates a unique equipment: the 1.6 million volts High Voltage Laboratory generates giant electrical arcing of several metres in a highly-secured environment. The lightning conductors triggering times in micro-seconds are recorded and compared to a reference single rod air terminal. The gain measured qualifies the air terminal performance and its compliance to the French and international standards.

The liri lab

The Lightning Innovation and Research Institute is an integrated department of INDELEC, 100% dedicated to innovation. This forward-looking research team of highly skilled engineers provides INDELEC with undisputed R&D abilities and both internal and external training capabilities on lightning protection management and safety equipment installation.

Key Products

French leading Lightning Protection Systems manufacturer, INDELEC innovates daily and engineers the best products and services to protect people and structures against lightning.


Prevectron® 3 s60

Prevectron® 3 S 50

Prevectron® 3 S 40

07/09/2018 | Liri
New Real Lightning Conditions Testing

INDELEC is the sole Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod manufacturer conducting for more than two decades real lightning conditions test campaigns.

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05/03/2018 | Liri
ILPS 2018 to be organized in Shenzhen – China

Organized every two years, the International Lightning Protection Symposium (ILPS) is now considered as the major international conference on Lightni

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05/03/2018 | Liri
INDELEC inaugurates its new Lightning Innovation & Research Center

Friday February 23, 2018, the French leading Lightning Protection System manufacturer, INDELEC, based in Douai - France for more than 60 years, inaugu

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LIRI Campus

To address the complexity of the lightning phenomenon, the LiRI has built several training and certification programs. It ranges from the educational program for general public to highly technical engineering courses for construction experts. The Lightning Innovation and Research Institute LiRi is also involved in French, European and international standard committees, sharing its expertise to keep on improving lightning protection systems safety and performances.