Essai In Situ


Since 1993 INDELEC has conducted unrivaled in-situ test campaigns, allowing its engineers to assess the lightning conductors in real lightning conditions.

These test campaigns were originally developed in close cooperation with a team of engineers from the Atomic Energy Commission (C.E.A.), Universities, Research Centers and private partners. These test campaigns provide a wealth of experience in the field of lightning phenomena.

In order to gather as much data as possible, the tests were performed in America, Europe and Asia, with each location providing very different lightning conditions. In 2015, INDELEC inaugurated the new International Lightning Research Center of Jatiluhur – Indonesia.

Test campaigns have provided invaluable data to the Lightning Innovation and Research Institute LiRi engineering team, including:

  • Advanced performance of the PREVECTRONR through measuring and comparing electrical activity at the tips of various lightning rods.
  • Operation of the PREVECTRONR triggering system.
  • Confirmation of the PREVECTRONR robust design by exposing it to repeated discharges.
  • Total reliability provided by the PREVECTRONR in a wide range of situations, encompassing all types of lightning conditions, including upward & downward lightning strikes and tropical & winter storms.
  • Release of a number of scientific reports in relation to this research.

The PREVECTRON 3® has fully benefited from unique experiences during its development process. Numerous engineering innovations have been totally validated in real lightning conditions.