The Lightning Innovation & Research Institute LiRi is today amongst the largest lightning research center.

The LiRi is regularly uploading new articles, videos and links to dedicated websites in order to support international research and global knowledge on lightning

LiRi is dedicated to improve the lightning phenomenon and physics knowledge, lightning protection good practices as well as research and development of new technologies.

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Lightning Innovation & Research Institute by Indelec 

Inaugurated in 2018, INDELEC Lighting Research & Innovation Institute – Liri – gathers:

  • LIRI Campus, a world-class training center
  • LIRI Lab, INDELEC Group Research & Development facilities, including a unique High Voltage Laboratory modelling the lightning phenomenon.

Prevectron3 Lightning Rod Remote Testing explained 

Presentation of the patented Prevectron3TC Early Streamer Emission lightning rod remote testing capabilities: besides the advantages of the Prevectron3 advanced lightning rod (world most certified ESE lightning rod, most reliable and effective lightning solution….), it integrates remote testing as well as lightning counter capabilities.

Patented OptiMax technology explained 

Presentation of the patented OptiMax system, exclusively available on the Preectron3 Early Streamer Emission lightning rod:

  • neutralization of the space charges
  • Reduction of the standard variation measured in a HV Lab (according to NF C 17 102 : 2011 standard test procedure)
  • Sustainability and reliability of the protected area provided by the Prevectron3

Prevectron3 working principles explained 

Presentation of the four stages of the Prevectron3 operation:

  • Charging the ionization system and OptiMax modules
  • Activating the patented OptiMax technology
  • Controlling the ionization process
  • Early triggering of the upward streamer

Lightning Protection Systems comparison 

Presentation of two lightning protection systems: the Meshed Cage and the Prevectron3 Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor design.

Lightning Innovation & Research Institute by INDELEC 

The Lightning Innovation & Research Institute is operating a High Voltage Laboratory to conduct performance tests on the Early Streamer Emission air terminals.

INDELEC Group presentation

INDELEC is inventing, designing, marketing and installing advanced lightning protection solutions worldwide

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Manufacturers of early streamer emission air terminal (ESEAT), associated within a division of Gimélec, are making this site available to serve as a useful tool for learning about lightning risk in order to deal with it as efficiently as possible.

International Lightning Protection Association (ILPA)

The I.L.P.A. is intended to make the inventory of scientific, technical and practical elements backing up modern lightning protection, in order to push forward lightning protection techniques in the future.


Website in French language only.

Delta Box

Delta Box is the french manufacturer of aircraft warning lights. Offices and the plant are setted up in the region of Auxerre (150 km from Paris). Building on 15 years of experience in AOL, we are able to answer to the ICAO requirements (International Civil Aviation Organization). With the support of our Research engineering, we innovates, taking advantage of new technologies as Leds or Solar Energy.


Website available in French only.


Website available in French only


Website available in French only


Website available in French only


AFNOR is an international services delivery network that revolves around 4 core competency areas: standardization, certification, industry press, and training.


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.


CENELEC is the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization and is responsible for standardization in the electrotechnical engineering field. CENELEC prepares voluntary standards, which help facilitate trade between countries, create new markets, cut compliance costs and support the development of a Single European Market.

Qualifoudre – Ineris

Founded in 1990, INERIS is an EPCIP (French public research body of an industrial and commercial character), under the aegis of the French Ministry of Ecology.

Lightning Maps

A community project with free lightning maps and applications.


EUCLID (EUropean Cooperation for LIghtning Detection) is a collaboration among national lightning detecting networks with the aim to identify and detect lightning all over the European area.