Controle et Maintenance


Protection level Visual inspection (year) Complete inspection (year) Critical systems
complete inspection (year)
I and II 1 2 1
III and IV 2 4 1
IEC 62 305 §7 standard includes the following requirements:

The objective of the inspections is to ascertain that:

  • The LPS conforms to the design based on this standard
  • All components of the LPS are in good conditions and capable of performing their designed functions, and that there is no corrosion;
  • Any recently added service or constructions are incorporated into the LPS.

Inspections should be made (…):

  • During the construction of the structure, in order to check the embedded electrodes
  • After the installation of the LPS
  • Periodically at such intervals as determined with regards to the nature of the structure to be protected
  • After alteration or repairs, or when it is known that the structure has been struck by lightning.

Scope of inspection

Visual inspection covers:

  • Integrity of the air terminal(s)
  • No alteration or repair requiring additional lightning protection measures
  • All components, fasteners and mechanical protection are in good condition (corrosion/mechanical failures…)
  • No parts have been weakened by corrosion
  • Separation distance is respected and required equipotential bondings are in good condition
  • No corrosion of earth electrodes
  • Earthing resistance value for the earth termination system

In addition, the complete inspection requires:

  • the electrical continuity of embedded conductors;
  • Working condition of the ESEAT according to manufacturer procedure (proprietary tester).


Regular inspections are among the fundamental conditions for reliable maintenance of an LPS. The property owner shall be informed of all observed faults and they shall be repaired without delay.

In case of ESEAT test failure, the air terminal must be repaired or changed.

Standard requirements for LPS inspection

Inspection of the Lightning Protection Systems is required yearly or every two years, depending on the building specifications and local standard provisions.

For Early Streamer Emission lightning protection system, the NF C 17 102 : 2011 §8  standard mentions that:

– Lightning protection systems should be subjected to verification:

  • Initially once the ESE System installation is completed;
  • Periodically in accordance with following table 7;
  • Whenever the protected structure is modified, repaired or when the structure has been struck by lightning.