INDELEC is a family-owned group of performance-driven SME, dedicated to lightning risk management as well as safety at height.

Since 1955, the Group has maintained its production process in France and built up a network of regional subsidiaries offering a complete range of products and services.

– Contruction of the new LIRI Center, gathering the High Voltage Laboratory, test rooms and R&D offices as well as the LIRI Campus classrooms.

– Introduction of the new Prevectron3 Remote Testing modules, available for the full range of air terminals: The T module for remote testing, the TC module for remote testing and lightning discharges counting.

• INDELEC YouTube channel is launched.

•INDELEC is awarded with the Gold Medal at the Sustainable Economy Trophy 2015

•The new generation of Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor is released: the Prevectron®3 and its patented OPTIMAX technology

•The Prevectron®3 is CE marked.

•The Prevectron®3 is the first ever Early Streamer Emission air terminal UL Listed

• INDELEC reaches the headlines in CAPITAL magazine, as one of the Top 100 most promising Exporters.

• INDELEC attends the 2nd ILPS (International Lightning Protection Symposium) organized in Chamonix (France) by the ILPA (International Lightning Protection Association)

• The Prevectron®2 Millenium range is certified by the Russian authorities (ROSTCHNAZOR certificate)

• FAIR PLANET association is funding the installation of beehives close to INDELEC Headquarters. This project is dedicated to the protection of biodiversity.

• All the Prevectron®2 Millenium models are certified in compliance with the NF C 17 102 Annex C (Bureau Veritas cerificates)

• INDELEC is certified « Approved Exporter»

• The new French Standard NF C 17 102 : 2011 is published. The Prevectron®2 S6.60 Millenium is tested and certified compliant to the new Annex C test sequence (Bureau Veritas certificate)

• INDELEC attends the first ILPS (International Lightning Protection Symposium) organized in Valencia (Spain) by the ILPA (International Lightning Protection Association)

• INDELEC India branch office opening.

• The Early Streamer Emission air terminals Prevectron® range includes more than 10 models: Prevectron®2 Millenium, Prevectron®2 T, Prevectron® MH for Heritage Buildings.

• INDELEC Asia Pacific Representative Office is inaugurated

• Release of the new Lightning Warning System StorMonitor®.

• Prevectron® T versions launched, with remote testing capabilities

• Campaign conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Technology of Bandung in Indonesia: coparative efficiency of a Meshed Cage and an Early Streamer Emission lightning protection system.

•QUALIFOUDRE certification renewal (complex level)

• A new and ambitious sustainable development policy is a new priority for the Group : waste treatment, usage of recyclable packaging materials for the Prevectron, creation of Fair Planet association, dedicated to the promotion of water, education and health access in developing countries.

• SERA range of obstacle warning lights is integrated into Delta Box products range.

• All the INDELEC Group companies are audited and received the QUALIFOUDRE certification
• The leading French manufacturer of Obstacle Warning Lights DELTA BOX joins INDELEC Group of companies
• The INDELEC group gets a new head office in Douai, northern France

• Certification ISO 9001 (version 2000)

• A national network of six regional offices and service installation and maintenance control, provide coverage of the entire French territory

• International expansion of INDELEC Miami – USA

• First BVQI ISO 9002 certification
• Launch of the Prevectron® 2: Indelec’s leading product
• An industry first: Indelec conducts the first ever tests under real lightning conditions (Florida, USA)
• Opening of our first regional office in Lyon, shortly followed by Bordeaux
• Indelec invents the Prevectron® lightning conductor
• Indelec moves to its current location in Douai, northern France
• Export department opens leading to our first international sales
• Indelec is founded in Douai. Business begins on a national scale