INDELEC CSR policy, Sustainability and Fair Practices

For several years, INDELEC has been actively conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, incorporating social, environmental and business sustainability considerations.  INDELEC is providing safe lightning protection solutions. It was therefore innate for the employees to care about environmental and social protection.

In a continuous process of improvement since 2007, sustainable development policy have led to waste recycling, new environmentally-friendly packing materials, set up of Fair Planet association, funding projects in developing countries.

Sustainability concerns are a priority for Indelec:

  • No more petrol-based products are used in our manufacturing process.
  • 100% recycled paper is used for products packing (instead of polystyrene)
  • Waste treatment: each desk is equipped with two bins (paper/other). All the metallic components, paper/carton wastes are collected and recycled.
  • Bio-diversity: since 2014, beehives have been installed besides our office by a local company BEE CITY. Honey is collected every summer, then distributed to the employees or sold (profits are collected by Fair Planet association to fund its projects).


The ultimate generation of Prevectron Early Streamer Emission air terminal, the Prevectron3® has been “eco-designed” to:

  • Decrease the use of hazardous products
  • Reduce and optimizing the number of components
  • Include new modular features
  • Limit transport (carbon print)
  • Reduce the weight of the product

Thanks to this very innovative process, the Prevectron3® offers the following unique specifications:

  • Fully autonomous system , 100% powered by the electric field.
  • Use of potentially hazardous products reduced by 57%
  • 100% recycled component for product new packaging.
  • Lighter products (up to 30% weight reduction)
  • Air terminal modular construction (the air terminal can be repaired to extend its life time and all the components are recyclable)
  • Number of components decreased of 22%
  • Local suppliers have been favored (short-circuit sourcing): 85% of the components are sourced within 100km radius to reduce carbon print.
  • 100% assembly in France