Golf courses projects attract billions of USD from the real estate investors that are developing integrated programs including hotels, luxurious villas and residential complex, commercial centres…But a single lightning discharge can endanger within a few milliseconds these investments.

This document aims at providing the owners, developers, designers and operators with the necessary guidelines to install :
– a Lightning warning system that will allow the players and staff on the course to interrupt the play and look for safe shelters
– a Lightning Protection design dedicated to golf courses, providing the players with a direct lightning protection system if they are still on the course when the thunderstorm starts.

Today, no Court will accept casualties on Golf courses because lightning is an “act of God”. The Golf course management companies must provide its patrons with warning and protection systems or may be found guilty of negligence. Costs of lightning warning and protection systems should then be contrasted with a median wrongful death award of 500,000 US$ in the USA or with the millions of US$ invested directly and indirectly into the development of the course.