PYL self standing tower – incl ground anchor

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Steel Tower manufacturing in France

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Steel Tower - Design and manufacturing in France of lattice towers based on your technical specifications: Wind velocity - Wind surface - Geotechnical characteristics.


Self Standing Towers made from high-resistance steel

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Indelec’s self standing towers are made from high-resistance steel and then dipgalvanized. They allow for lightning rods to be erected up to 36 m for the protection of open areas, for example. They are supplied in kit form, in 3 or 6 m sections. A metal ground bracket is supplied and should be burried in a solid concrete block (see figures in table below). Maximum top surface (Wind zone 2, 112 km/h): 0.25 m2 . Upper termination is designed for lightning conductor fixing pole with press screw (max. dia. 50 mm).


Light Self Standing Masts

Reference : P2051 - P2052 - P2053 - P2054 - P2055

Made from light-weight dip-galvanized tubing, in lengths of 3m or 6m bolted together.


Guyed Towers made from dip-galvanized steel

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Made from dip-galvanized steel, and designed to receive guy wires, these towers come in 3 m sections, 23 cm wide. The sections are M12 bolted (included) together at the joints and the base can be supplied either with a spike or a flat base section for ground mounting. Guy wires are needed every 3 or 6 m on three guy anchors fixed at ground level at a distance from the base equal to half the height of the tower.