The Lightning Rod Prevectron3 TC version is already a success!

Recently launched after years of research & development including multiple test sessions in laboratories and in real lightning conditions, the Prevectron3 TC version is already a success!

From France to South Korea, the clients are convinced by the reliability of the system: it associates the Prevectron3 Early Streamer Emission lighting rod, the world most accredited air terminal, to a high-quality remote testing module.

In addition, the TC module offer a new feature: the head itself is counting the number of lightning discharges received, instead of the lightning counter fixed along the down conductors. That represents a real technical added-value: the discharge counting at the tip of the LPS installation is more relevant than at the base of the conductors where part of the current already dissipated into the structure.

That is representative of our R&D philosophy: no marketing gimmick but a real added-value feature for the industry.

Please download the brochure here and contact your local INDELEC distributor for more information.