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Prevectron 3T – Remote testing lightning rod

INDELEC innovates with the Early STreamer Emission Lightning Rod Prevectron3 T version. It combines the Prevectron3 features (most certified ESE air terminal in the world, proven performances and reliability) with new remote maintenance capabilities.

Remote Testable Lightning conductor

New user experience

Based on users’ feedbacks and years of research and development, INDELEC proposes an innovative approach for the maintenance of its Prevectron3 range of Early Streamer Emission lightning rods: a modular design offering a wide range of solutions to meet all sites requirements and clients’ maintenance expectations:

  • Remote testing module compatible with all Prevectron3 models, from 60 to 10µs.
  • The same module can be fixed on site on a Prevectron3 air terminal already installed.
  • User-friendly remote control featuring a large high quality LCD color screen gathering all necessary information and displaying the conditions of all the lightning rods on site (each rod is designated by its Serial Number).
  • Powerful wireless communication protocol to test the rods up to 100 meters distance.
Remote testing module
Testing remote control

Reliable technology

INDELEC lightning protection solutions are imperatively dedicated to provide the highest level of protection to human beings and assets: the reliability and performance of our systems are worldwide renowned.

The Remote Testing Modules technical specifications are meeting the same requirements of performance, reliability and durability :

  • Encapsulated glass solar panel with high efficiency even at diffuse irradiance.
  • Global wireless communication technology, tested and proven by the Lightning Innovation & Research Institute (LIRI) engineers in more than 40 countries.
  • High performance 3200mAh batteries with reduced leakage current capability: the Module works up to 3 weeks without being recharged. Moreover, the battery can be easily replaced on-site without dismounting the module.
  • Complete testing procedure of the Prevectron3 rod, including the various sparking and OptiMax circuits.
Remote testable Early Streamer Emission air terminal Prevectron3 - Video Indelec
Standards & Certifications

New vision of Lightning Protection

INDELEC lightning protection systems are offering state-of-the-art technologies.

The Prevectron3 provides a reinforced protection thanks to its patented OptiMax technology and its innovative design. First ever “UL Listed” Early Streamer Emission lightning rod, it has been certified by numerous international organizations.

The Lightning Innovation & Research Institute LiRi carries on its unique “real lightning test campaigns” in Indonesia on every new product.

All the components of the Prevectron3 air terminals are designed and tested in compliance with the international standards (IEC 62 561), the European guidelines (2004/108/CE) and Early Streamer Emission standards ((NF C 17 102, UNE 21 186).

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